Yooo I'm Jalynn but I usually go by Jay. I am a fan of many things so my blog is unexpected. Things you need to know about me are: I am pansexual, identify as a female but I don't care what pronouns are used on me because I just don't care, am an artist, and love penguins so if you ever submit one to me and post them to your blog (and I happen to follow you) chances of me loving you are rather high.
I am an Aquarius and am 2 decades plus 2 years old.
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next time you’re at a party in a town that you hate or dont give a shit about or something see how many dudes you can sneak off with and like go to take off their pants but then just pull their belt out of their pants and leave. see how many belts you can collect & compete with your friends. this is a sport called final fantasying


Lindsay: “You’ve already shaved your head so what are you gonna shave next is my question.”

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So I found this post and got a little carried away with these =w=

(If you want to be an a team I can totally make a title card for you!)


this is so beautiful thank for making me one ;w;

I actually made yours first then decided i should do one for me too =w=

oh gosh x3 



I’m playing oblivion and I stole a wheel of cheese from a store and then like 2 hours later I’m in an oblivion gate drowning in lava and a guard swims up to me and is like “stop right there”. My bounty is 5 gold and this dude is on fire trying to arrest a cheese thief

Javert-level shit right there




My math binders are always red every year I feel like math is just a red subject

Math is a blue subject and I’m prepared to fight you over this


I am joining the dark brotherhood…

Also I just got an achievement after killing something owO;




Ladies and gentlemen…

I present… to you…




my life was not complete until this moment